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About Aptine Care Services

Aptine Care Services is a company owned by and run by experienced nurses. The company is based in Berkshire, United Kingdom. We offer live-in and visiting domiciliary care services for service users/clients over the age of 18 years in their own homes. Aptine Care provides personal care as a regulated activity in people’s homes. Being a nurse-led company enables us to offer primary nursing care, such as administering medications and basic nursing dressings as per need. We are committed and passionate about providing high-quality care that promotes independence in peoples’ homes. Aptine delivers reliable and consistent quality personal care, ensuring that the people we care for meet relevant daily needs. We can offer light housekeeping services in addition at affordable prices.

As a nurse with experience in workforce development, the registered manager will match carers to service users based on initial assessments and care plans. The aim is to have the most appropriate carer providing care to specific clients/service users.

Areas We Provide Service

Aptine Care Services supplies care services to the following areas:

Berkshire, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, London and surrounding Counties.

Staff recruitment will follow a set recruitment policy. At the centre of the recruitment, procedure is a meticulous process where DBS, adequate references, appropriate care training and mandatory training are completed. Aptine Care will provide personal care to its clients/service users. Still, all staff will receive proper training in caring for clients with Mental Health needs, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other chronic diseases to ensure holistic care is delivered. Aptine Care Services will have a Core Values-based recruitment process

Aptine Care Core Values

The core values Aptine Care Services staff will work by are compassion, honesty, ownership, inclusiveness, and integrity. All staff are expected and required to work to these core values

Aptine will lead in providing high standard quality care to service users in their own environment. Aptine Care provides holistic care that maximises service users’ potential emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

The registered manager has worked and lead teams in different environments across a variety of organisations. This experience has shown the importance of building an organisation and teams, that are renumerated fairly and that value the companies’ values and mission. Aptine Care Services will grow its staff to lead from the front in representing the company’s ethos of providing a higher standard of quality care.


Aptine Care has a comprehensive audit process set within the Quality Review Policy and Procedures. This is available to all staff and clients/service users. Aptine Care will ensure that clients/service users receive consistent high quality person-centred care that is appropriate, meets their needs and reflects their personal preferences, whatever they might be. All information will be provided as set in the Caldicot guidance in a transparent way for clients/service users. We are committed to offering a service that clients/service users trust and one which promotes a feeling of security.

Our carers will undergo an induction process that will enable them to deliver the quality of care that Aptine aims to deliver by offering a bespoke in-house training. Our carers will go over and above to meet clients needs.


Aptine Care Services staff are expected to be sensitive, and consciousness of others’ needs and desires. Our clients/service users and their families are at the centre of this. This value includes colleagues and stakeholders of Aptine Care Services.


Honesty is key to self and others. Honesty is key to delivering quality care. Aptine Staff will work with respect to company policies and client/service user care plans, and hence provide clear standards to work to. This in the long run is positive for both the staff and our clients/services users and their families. Aptine believes honesty is a simple way to character-building and being true to oneself and the work we do. Clients/service users and their families can therefore have peace of mind that the correct care has been delivered.


Our staff will take ownership in ensuring the agreed care is delivered to agreed standards. Ownership, and enacting the Aptine ethos and core values, means they take accountability for delivering care to exceptional standards.


Aptine expects staff to work honourably. Having a carer inside your private space can be a scary and daunting prospect initially. Our staff will behave professionally and will work through required tasks carefully and responsibly, no matter who is watching or not watching.


This core values individuals so that they do feel marginalised. Aptine takes seriously the lived experiences of others and respects diversity. (Diversity is demographic, experiential and cognitive.)

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